Rainbow Bridge




Lightning May 29, 2009 - November 14, 2016  

Our hearts are broken. You have no more cancer, no more pain. You gave us so much and expected so little. Days ahead will be just a little bit darker. We miss you and love you forever, our dear dear Mambo. Your life was just too short...

Steve & Neil



lightning & thunder

Lightning & Thunder

Lightning 09/24/06 - September, 2016   ~   Thunder 06/20/04 - April 2016

We lost our two sweet boys this year. When we adopted Lightning in March of 2010 he was quite lonely and got into a lot of trouble. So back we went to the foster home three months later and asked to adopt Lightning’s buddy who we named Thunder. Everything was just perfect then. We had six great years but miss them very much.

Norm and Mimi Leraas



September, 2015

We loved her from the first moment we met her.  There was no getting-to-know-her time needed.  Mercy was an impish, quirky, funny beautiful girl.  She would raise her eyes and give a coquettish look that melted you.  We would watch her blaze a path in the dog park and marvel that such a creature was our baby girl.  Mercy had just turned 10 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  We thought we would have several more months.  We were going to treasure every single second.  Sadly, Mercy died less than two weeks later.   We know that Mercy is in Heaven with St Francis, looking down on us and smiling.  She is no longer in pain and we gave that to her.  We let her go.  Until we meet her at the Bridge Mercy will be running circles around all of the other animals.  Rocky misses her.  So do we.  Rest in peace our sweet angel.

Chris, Mike & Rocky.



October 19, 2002 to February 4, 2015

He was a difficult but oddly charming pup with a mind of his own. He allowed love on his terms and was fiercely bonded to our Sam. And he loved to eat and collect. Books, towels, dishes, flower arrangements, party nuts, deviled eggs. Anything not too high or behind glass. You could always find it in his bed or his stool. We miss you and love you,

Steve & Neil




April, 2012

Our sweet boy, Ben, crossed the Rainbow Bridge far too early --- only 6-1/2 when kidney failure took him from us.

We adopted Ben in July of 2010, along with his half-sister, Mercy. Ben was a quiet, sweet boy. At first he was shy and didn’t come near us much but as the weeks and months progressed, Ben would come to us to be hugged and kissed and loved. Not insistent; he would just quietly put his face in your lap and rest there. He loved to go on walks and wanted to sniff everything. Ben’s favorite thing in all the world was to lie on the grass and soak up the sun. That’s what he did on his last day with us; slept in the sun, so peaceful and handsome.

It’s funny how the quiet ones who don’t demand much leave such a big hole in your home and in your heart. We miss him every day but take comfort knowing he is over the Bridge, sniffing every blade of grass, snoozing in the sun, and waiting for us.

Chris & Mike, and Mercy.

marykateMary Kate

April 12, 2012

Our sweet greyhound girl, Mary Kate, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, April 20, 2012.

She was a venerable 13 and a half and our loving companion for 9 years. She was our plush pup with the softest fur ever. We will miss her happy dance which she did whenever we came home. She would hip hop up and down and squeak her squeaky toys then and when it was time to go for a walk. She welcomed our beloved Marley and Bailey into her life with the same enthusiasm.

Good bye, sweet princess. You are always in our hearts.

Irene & James Dunny.


March, 2012

We lost our champion on Monday. Our beloved greyhound Joey passed away in his sleep at age 13, pretty much just from old age.

With a racing name of System Pat Barly, he came into the world on November 8, 1998, and into our home and hearts on March 23, 2003 after a stellar racing career. He was renamed Joey rather than his Greyhound Connection name of Barly -- we already had a Barney in the household -- and he sure lived up to that little Roo name, because when he was happy or excited Joey would bounce and bounce like a kangaroo!

Joey was such a laid-back, calm and easy-going dog, yet would display his racing acumen at least once daily when he would run fast circles around the backyard, just happy to be romping, reliving his racing days but this time with grass under his feet. But boy, did he enjoy and take retirement seriously, making great use of the dog beds, sofas and anything soft and comfy around the house (yes, even our SelectComfort bed).

Joey was quite the social boy, and never met a person he didn't want to lean on. He could be trusted to be calm and sweet with everyone -- little kids, people in wheelchairs, the elderly, and even folks who weren't "dog people." He was certainly a charmer and a looker.

We miss our Joey -- our champion -- who will forever be in our hearts.

Scott, Kelly and Willow Bassin.


December, 2011

In the Fall of 2001 we adopted a wonderful boy named Charlie. He was our first greyhound and we couldn't have loved him more! Throughout the years we adopted two more greys, a terrier mix and have had several cats. In 2003 we had our first child, but our daughter born in 2006 (seen here with Charlie) was the love of his life. He tolerated things from her that he would never allow with anyone else. She continues to speak of her "Old Man" nearly everyday because he was like a best friend. We had to say goodbye to Charlie in December, 2011 as he was losing his battle to bone cancer. He was 12 1/2 years old. Thank you so much for the hard work you do everyday to save these kids. Without you, our Charlie would never have come into our lives. He truly was one of the most interesting characters we've ever known!

With Much Gratitude

Rhonda and Gary Rasse



July, 2011

Sam (Naxsspeed), was born November 8th, 1998. He passed onto the Rainbow Bridge on July 12th, 2011. We first saw Sam on the Greyhound Connection website in August, 2004, the same time we applied for adoption. Sam was the sweet lovable greyhound that was our match. We adopted him on September 6th, 2004. That was the day our lives were to change forever. The 7 short years we have had Sam have been the best of our lives. He gave us love and joy. You were never alone at home with Sam in the room. His mere presence was comforting, his antics hysterical, his personality enchanting. Sam, we will miss you forever.

We love you. Steve Burt and Neil Manfredi


December, 2010

Goodbye sweet boy. You were so nervous the day we adopted you, and we fell in love with you immediately. Mary Kate, our greyhound girl, did her happy dance the day you arrived to stay. You were such a soft and gentle soul. All our friends loved you too. Irene says: "I will miss your eyes looking lovingly at me and the way you tapped me with your nose to say, "Mom, here I am. Please pet me." I look forward to the day when you and Chevy come running to greet me and we walk together forever across the Rainbow Bridge." Jim misses seeing you waiting for him at the top of the stairs to greet him when it was time for bed.

Irene and Jim Dunny


May, 2010

Ramona was a galga rescued from a warehouse in Spain where she was locked in with her two sons, one being Telma Shaw's boy Amistad. Ramona never made it to the U.S. but instead lived at the shelter, Scooby Medina in Spain as a privledged "Patio Dog". Ramona succumbed to kidney failure and crossed gently over the bridge May, 2010. I wish I had met you Ramona, I thank you for your precious boy Amistad, who has brought us so much love and enjoyment word can't even express. Run free mamma, we will be with you some day.

Love, the Shaw clan


09/04/2001 – 05/26/2010

Dana Provost adopted Cartier about a year ago through Greyhound Adoption Group who brought him into their group once he arrived to the US from Guam. His track name was Bolt. He was a special needs boy and found a wonderful home with Dana in Las Vegas. Here is what Dana says about this very special boy, who she recently lost to kidney failure.

Cartier came into the world as a pauper. Many, many rescue angels had their hands in rescuing this boy from Guam. The spider web began . . . interconnecting his soul with whoever touched him, who gave care to him, vetted him and who brought him to the day I adopted him. I am thankful to everyone who helped him get to me. The spider web continued through his ability to touch people from all over the world through various contests he was in. He became a registered therapy dog. He won the Cesar Millan national photo face contest, local polished pooch contest, and numerous costume contests. He was the greytest greyhound ambassador of all. He loved everyone who touched him and I was so blessed to have had Cartier in my life. He passed away a prince. He will never be forgotten.

tearemupTear 'Em Up

January, 2010

Tear 'Em Up was adopted in 2002 by the Narramore family who adored him and miss him very much.

Loved by Ben, Kim & Jordan

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