Adoptable Greyhounds

While greyhounds are loving, gentle and caring in nature, some of them have special needs or remaining prey drive. Have a look at the beautiful hounds below, but please understand we carefully screen for a fit, and though all of them are just adorable we want to make sure we're placing the right greyhound in your forever home. Be sure to

Over the last decade, greyhound racing in the U.S. has declined severely. The good news is the public is more aware of the cruelty associated with dog racing and are choosing not to patronize dog tracks. The bad news is there are fewer retired greyhounds looking for homes. For every ten greyhounds rescued from the track, at least seven are not cat-safe. This has lead to an increased wait time for families with cats, and so we ask that you are patient as we find, foster and test the dogs that are available to our group.

Greyhound Connection needs foster homes! If you might consider opening your home for a short while to help a recently retired greyhound find a loving forever home, please read our Foster a Grey page and contact us!



Meet Ping! Ping is a red fawn girl with a striking black mask, bright eyes and a very happy disposition. She wags her tail all the time and waits happily for approval. Ping has not tested safe with cats but may be good with small or medium size dogs - she will be retested in the coming weeks. She is not high strung but she will need a canine buddy in her forever home. Ping is a 6 years old.


Meet Envy, a 4 year old fawn girl with a striking dark mask. Envy will need a canine companion as she is a little shy. A smart cookie, she very quickly figured out how the stairs worked in her foster home. In the coming weeks, Envy will be tested with cats and small dogs.


Here’s Chancity. Almost 5 year years old, Chancity is more self-assured than Envy but will probably need a canine buddy.  Quick to make herself comfortable, she jumped up on the couch the first time she came into her foster home. Not too much of a princess, Chancity will put her paw on your leg or hand when she wants her belly rubbed. And who can resist that beautiful black eyeliner and auburn eyes?


Recently Adopted Greyhounds

We try to get all of our dogs into permanent homes as quickly as possible so the greys shown here may or may not be available. Please contact GREYHOUND CONNECTION directly for the most up-to-date information on which dogs are ready to be adopted. When you do, by email or phone, someone will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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